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The Xlear Sinus Care System

Xlear Sinus Care helps clean, moisturize, and rinse away nasal congestion, allergy irritants, and other harmful pollutants.

  • A cleansing and gentle mist that clears nasal and sinus congestion
  • Made from simple, natural ingredients
  • Non-addictive, can be used with other medications
  • Hyperosmotic solution helps dry runny noses
  • Use daily to keep symptoms at bay
The ONLY Sinus Care System that contains xylitol.
Natural solution consists of water, xylitol, salt, and grapefruit seed extract
Hyper-osmotic solution draws moisture in to maximize dryness relief.
All ingredients are from non-GMO sources
“I have been recommending your xylitol products for probably 10 years… I have carried the nasal spray in my travel bag for many years.”
Kathleen Ferreira, RDH, Hopewell Dental

Use your natural filter

The nose and sinuses are designed to act as filters and form the first line of defense against airborne contaminants such as dust and other irritants.  Nasal and sinus cleansing has been used for millennia to keep these filters working as they should. Our nasal spray is built on that concept.

The Xlear Sinus Care system with xylitol combines the wisdom of the past with modern research on the benefits of using xylitol in a nasal application that results in a fantastic nasal spray for allergies and other ailments.  The result is a professionally Physician-developed system that is easy to use and can be tailored to meet any need and is available OTC (over the counter).  Whether you need daily care, moderate care, or maximum care, the Xlear Sinus Care system has the right option for you.

The benefits of xylitol are exceptionally great for children.  Many clinical studies focus on the positive effects that result from using xylitol at an early age.  Because xylitol is extremely safe, effective and gentle, it is highly recommended by pediatricians and child-care specialists around the world.

Xlear Sinus Care is sold all over the world.

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